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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Wednesday 04/7/10 : Spring Blossoming Edition

Do yourself a favor and find some flora!

Easter Sunday in Brooklyn 2010

Spring is blooming as we speak, and today's forecast of 85° is only going to bring blossoms faster(and make the 50° weather this weekend a real downer).

Between flower boxes on Franklin, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Borough Hall Park and all the rest of the borough the time for nature local color is here. As I mentioned in my last "Missed it Mondays" feature, I meet up with spring at the Botanic Gardens and here's more of what it looked like:
Easter Sunday in Brooklyn 2010

Easter Sunday in Brooklyn 2010

Easter Sunday in Brooklyn 2010

Just another reminder while people are currently enjoying a casual 花見 or "Hanami" which means "cherry blossom viewing", the big BBG festival "Sakura Matsuri" which features music, crafts, snacks (is specific areas) and in the last few years Japanophile teens in costume, is scheduled for May 1-2nd. For specific deets, click here.

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