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Monday, April 5, 2010

Missed it Monday: Easter Sunday Edition

Easter Sunday in Brooklyn

I got around yesterday but not over to "Ch'uch" which I guess was just as well that I didn't because none of my clothing even comes close to the finery that families were styling all over the borough. I caught up with one of those families after making a painful dash in search of a B45 bus stop (resulting from another Atlantic Yards failure, which I will be raising the ruckus about soon) anyway once I was on the bus, and basic levels of oxygen returned to my mind I met the Vann family, fresh from Church full of the Eucharist Spirit and they were kind enough to pose for this picture.

Easter Sunday in Brooklyn 2010

Apparently sunday was also an unofficial day of 花見 meaning Hanami" which means "cherry blossom watching". Even though the official Hanami is a month away and the dense grove of cherry trees which produce near firework like bouquets were not in bloom there was still a lot of color to see.

(My apologies for this post being up without photos, I tried to blog it from a moving subway train on Manhattan Bridge, and it worked, but not so much.)

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  1. Hi BB,

    Nice post. The finery looks great and no I don't have anything that remotely comes close either. . .



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