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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Brooklyn Day! too Queens

Happy Brooklyn (-Queens) Day!

Today is Brooklyn day and you know what that means right-- what?

You don't know what that means? Allow me.

Originally Brooklyn Day was first celebrated in 1829 to promote religious instruction an evolved over the years until a wider celebration of civic pride in Brooklyn which eventually was forced to drag Queens along like a tag-along little sister into the spotlight and the day was re-christened Brooklyn-Queens day. At least that's how the Nuns at St. Teresa's used to make it sound.

If you want more than my biased historical account, here's a more detailed history about the day on Barry Popik's (whoever he is) site:
Brooklyn-Queens Day originated as a Protestant holiday celebrated in the City of Brooklyn in 1829. Back then it was known, and fondly remembered by some, as Anniversary Day. Anniversary Day is celebrated annually on the first Thursday in June, commemorating the founding of the First Sunday School on Long Island. The first parade was held in Brooklyn June 1829.

The New York State Legislature enacted, in 1959 at the request of the Queens Federation of Churches, the bill permitting the schools in both Kings and Queens Counties to be closed on this day. It was signed by Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller.

As a kid going to parochial school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Day was the verification that I lived in the greatest city on Earth. How many other Cities have a special day that gets kids a day off from school, in June no less, like we needed it!
Cake Man Celebration Ft. Green Brooklyn - 15
my photo from an unrelated Brooklyn celebration, feat: The Brooklyn Steppers

But sure enough the 1st Thursday in June is always celebrated as Brooklyn Day (unless the 1st Thursday occurs the same week as Memorial Day) and we Catholic or parochial school kids would get the day off, run amok, argue with truant minded police officers and or stand in front of the Public Schools like PS 316 and taunt the poor bastards locked within.

Looking for a Brooklyn-Queens Day event?

Here's one, uber-cool Clinton Hill resale kids clothing/toy story "Still Hip" is celebrating the day with a mix, and discounts on local eats:
bklyn-queens day edition
Thursday, June 4 | 7-9pm | FREE
In honor of Brooklyn-Queens Day I am inviting some of my born n' bread friends to mix it up. Find out what it was like growing up in NY and what is in store for the next generation of Brooklynites.

The hiP mIXer is a great way to network with local parents, teachers and the community of professionals that support Still Hip. There will be snacks and drinks as well as a great network of amazing people. It's all about community!
• 25% off all purchases from 7-8pm
• off at Luigi's Pizzeria
• off at Le Grand Dakar
• off at Nu Yu Day Spa (if you make an appointment during the mixer)
• Mirrors is making special BQ Coctails and extending their happy hour till 9pm!!!

More details on "Still Hip" at

So Celebrate the day, make your own Brooklyn-Queens history and pass it on!


  1. Thanks for the post! I posted on the Food Bank For NYC blog about Brooklyn Queens Day today too. Check it out.

  2. Cool thx Daniel! I'll check it out!

  3. Thanks for the cool history lesson. As a kid in public school, we use to get Bk-Q Day of too.

  4. where will our parade be located

  5. stay tuned "Anonymous" (why doesn't anyone sign in?) I actually ran into a parade last weekend and will be posting deets soon.


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