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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blame it on the Boogie
MJ Tribute party last night in Brooklyn @ Sputnik

DJ Spinna/Keistar's MJ Tribute party @ Sputnik 6/27 - 21
Last night at Sputnik in the hazy space where Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant intermingle, DJ Spinna and Keistar Productions turned an intended Motown party into a straight Michael Jackson Tribute. As the pics show, people turned out, got of the wall and just enjoyed themselves.

DJ Spinna/Keistar's MJ Tribute party @ Sputnik 6/27 - 12
As if song titled puns weren't enough, the party was hot, REALLY hot (these photos were not altered and the camera was wiped dry several times and still the heat of the crowd created the atmospheric effects you see in the pics.) Check the slide show for more, and RIP MJ.

DJ Spinna/Keistar's MJ Tribute party @ Sputnik 6/27 - 1

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  1. I came there really late (2 am ish). It was blazing in there. I had the unfortunate luck of entering the downstairs only to walk into Zella sweating it out with some dude... ugh (one never wants to see an ex dancing close with another man... :-/ ) But besides that, the night was dope. MJ will be dearly missed.


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