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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spicy Taco Talk: La Taqueria


So I'm walking down Washington Ave on the razor's edge that used to be the border between Crown and Prospect Heights. (I'll never stop pointing out that it used to all be Crown Heights) And I come across "La Taqueria" just south from the corner of St. Marks and Washington Av, next door to the Thai spot.

And for some reason I never noticed La Taqueria before, the interior empty of patrons and the handwritten sign in the window convinced me it was new. Reading about it on Yelp I see the place has been around since at least last summer. Brooklyn Born needs to get out more often...

So I'm gonna skip the installment on new businesses "blooming" which was the point of this post. This also makes me realize I need to start writing reviews of eateries...
I've felt random and infrequent reviews are useless to you, there are so many constant reviews out there after all. So I never bothered but I recently tried out a oft talked about fringe cafe (coy, no?) and I think I found the angle for my critiques. So food/experience reviews are coming.

Meanwhile, above is the pic I snapped and here's the Yelp debate about whether La Taqueria is the high maintenance partner who makes you pay for the special sauce...that really is special or whether it's left Coast sloppy seconds.

My words but that's basically the point. Yelp Reviews of La Taqueria

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