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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Photo Wed: Spring emerges, random images follow

Ah ye PhotoWednesday again and I have so many thoughts, not so cohesive, with one thin common thread and that's spring and repurposing. I'll let the photos talk from here.
Cherry's Blossom


The Funky Mirror

After Ratner - 9902



Taken in and around Clinton Hill, Williamsburg & Prospect Heights during the last week in March 2009.


  1. Please say you took that dresser with the ginormous vanity mirror with you. If not it deserves a very groovy home.

  2. nope, still it sits on Quincy and Downing waiting for home. Kinda looks like the giant dino-ribs that tips Fred's car over at the beginning of the Flintson's.

  3. The 1980's are alive and well! I can just see that headboard in the movie Scarface, say hello to my little friend! Thanks for the pic of the lone standing building, that is directly accross the street from a building I owned a few years ago on Vanderbuilt ave, I guess the wrecking ball had mercy on that one. Will


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