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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photo Wednesday 6/25/08

Arugh... I really thought it'd be easier to post one photo each and everyweek...
yet with 75% of the day gone I'm just getting it up... ; )

Today's Photo Wednesday comes from one of my favorite Brooklyn streets because of the amount of time I played (and crashed into cars) there as a kid. One day I'll tell stories...

For now here it is: Vanderbilt Acapeligo!

It seems ( guessing ) for reasons of environment or cycling or just plain quality of life, the Dept of Traffic is building Islands down Vanderbilt Avenue just down the hill from Grand Army Plaza. I am shocked to see this type of progressive city service in Brooklyn (there are several Traffic islands like this recently built on Broadway in Soho) and I know I should expect this type of service since gentrification spurs city government. But these islands actually look really functional (there's spots for trees which are probably planted by now) and this may succeed in making Vanderbilt less of a through way and more of a boulevard.

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