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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ikea Explored!

View from the new Ikea in Brooklyn as sun sets, Sweden's most recent American beachhead set's sail.
Is it a new day for Red Hook?


Well, if you call exploring the new Ikea over at Red Hook:

Sampling the various Ikea funded means of transport, shuttle bus
(no air conditioning?!? Hot!)

and Water Taxi (common refrain: does anybody know where this boat is going?)

and walking the waterside promenade newly built by the hands of tiny Swedes (I like to pretend)

then yeh, I explored the new Ikea at Red Hook on it's opening weekend.

I have to say, and there are no pictures to support this, it tickles me near to death to watch everybody board their buses and water taxies, with their giant proportioned blue bags in tow, cause it totally makes me think all us kids are leaving the field trip to the dentist (or something) with our oversized bags of educational giveaways (dental floss, pink tooth tabs!?)

Silliness mostly aside, I have to say as industrial renewal and repurposing goes, I don't feel affronted by what Ikea has wrought. Granted of the many Brooklyn neighborhoods I have lived in Red Hook is not one of them, but my feeling overall was Ikea took a sow's ear and made a non offensive purse. Plus so far no Hopen in the waters.

Below are more pictures taken and now also presented in a positive light:


New Brooklyn promenade built by Ikea, no screwdriver required, but for some, suggested

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