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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photo Wednesday 061814 The Return Edition!

Can it be I stayed away to long? Seems I lost some views while I was gone. Well this time let me tell you where I'm at.

(Btw if you know where that riff comes from, just look over your should honey, I loves ya!)

I've been working and meaning to junp back into this blog and I have been overwhelmed by where to start, which is alittle goofy since i started this blog already, six years ago.

It used to be that I could simply tell you what was taken from brooklyn added to brooklyn an who the players were an than wax philosophic about it all. But now there is so much happening in Brooklyn so often so fast. Stories I wanted to write my personal forecasts on have happened faster than you could post a listing. The sudden wave of airbnb suitcase trawlers going past my window in droves has been half replaced by joggers and streets are alive with the domino lineup of sandwich boards. At least thats what I'm seeing on the streets of Crown Heights.

So im back and im wading back in and hopefully i wont just be blathering but useful.

For now lets enjoy the start of summer sun.

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