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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mayor Koch, Rest In Peace.

(Photo courtesy: NY1)

Mayor Koch.

A resilient thread in the fabric of New York City.

The Mayor of New York City. The Mayor of my childhood. I was much more a fan of his chutzpah than his Mayorship. 1977-1989. Twelve years, stopped in the process of going for 16. Prior to Ed Koch we had no term limits on Mayor. After we knew we needed them. (something of the past easily forgot in the Bloomberg moment)

I'll write more on the endless ways he maintained and promoted a certain classic New York City, which arguably, was his sworn duty. But for now Mayor Ed Koch, in his own words (some of which of course, I disagree with), courtesy of an New York Times produced video:

Edward I Koch, you wrought havoc on some, brought placidity to others and your were always, fortunately and unfortunately focused on New York City. I respect that. Rest In Peace.

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