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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/12 another beautiful Tuesday morning, this time will more lessons than loss

One of my biggest challenges is moving on without the feeling of loss. It's easier to turn away and ignore than hold a memory of the past living in my mind and still navigate into the future.

Today's 9/11 anniversary, on a beautiful bright Tuesday just as the tragic day itself was, reminds me of the difficulty I find in moving forward while looking back.

No one should want to forget but how do you move forward while a part of you lives in the past? If we move to far forward, letting time and daily life erode the moment, how do we respect, remember and learn from what has happened.

I don't have an answer.

Millions of lives were changed eleven years ago today. Thousands of lives ended. Some of those lifes snuffed out that day, and some thousands had a chain of events set in motion that morning that would steal their lives too soon. People personally connected to the victims of this day eleven years ago had dents, detours and holes placed in their lives and hearts. The world contoured itself on the basis of that tragic day, in ways we have yet to unravel.

It's obvious we should never allow the loss and resulting impacts to be forgotten, all while we continue striving on toward a better world.

Rest and peace to those innocents lost as a result of that tragic day, love and strength to all the 9/11 survivor.

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