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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mirrors on Grand Av

Damn, so yesterday was hectic (if you were ducking shots on Fulton St) but didn't it just look beautiful out? Well today we get the funk wetness complete with megaton bombastic thunderclaps that make me wish I could see through clouds.

But enough about that, what I've been meaning to post is that two sundays past I was wandering around as I do on sundays and I saw a sign for ¢25 wings and cheap beer. So considering where they economy is headed I took it as sign of what I should get used to and walked in.

The place was Mirrors, on Grand (btw Clifton and Lafayette, Clinton Hill/BedStuy), the occasion was football watching, and the beer and wings were satisfying beyond their price points. According to the bartender the place has been open most of the year, and official since Aug.

Mirrors has the potential to be a cool lounge on sunday afternoons. I've passed by in the evening and it has a good crowd, but that sunday of two weeks ago was light. The game however was cool, flat-screen plasma crystal clear, Giants beat the Niners and the crispy wings beat the bar-b-que wings, I prefer salty to sweet.

I told a few peeps about the spot and happy to report last sunday the crowd was three times larger, but still there was room for more and wings to spare.

Anybody got an opinion of Mirrors?

photos whenever it stops raining.


  1. I have been to Mirrors twice recently to see a funk band "LIG" play- They perform lots of R&B covers- lends a great ambience to the place- wish they would play the evenings! The band starts playing at 4PM...Seems the owners schedule "LIG" to play the last Saturday of every month. Bravo!
    Food was offered this past saturday to recognize Mirrors' 1 year anniversary- Having food regularly available at Mirrors would be great- even snacks is good...perhaps Mirrors management could work out an arrangement with Choice just doors away...

  2. I just received an anonymous posting complaining about the owner of Mirrors and basically accusing her of neglecting her neighbors. There were no facts offered to backup the accusations so I didn't publish the comment. Whoever you are anonymous poster, feel free to repost with specific details and examples and possibly even some biographical info on yourself and then I'll happily publish your discontent. And I'll invite the owner and other neighbors on Grand St. to respond. Aight? Aight.

  3. So... three years later I've gotten another Anonymous post about Mirrors, complaining, but not saying anything specific. I'm writing so you know I've received your comment, but you basically wrote she's a bad neighbor and "everyone knows it." Care to specify? Give dates, instances?


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