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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PhotoWed! 8/20/08 Where I Be? continues baby!

Yeh the Mighty Photo Wednesday guessing game is back again baby, yeh! I see we gots old and new friends in the house so it must be time for this week's installment:


I have to admit I don't know the total history of this piece of artwork, but I leave that up to y'all if you know help fill us all in. I can tell you I first saw it when the colors were fresh and surface was flawless. That was back around '79 but I'll drop my recollections next week when I give the answer to the question "where is this mural" Here's a hint, it's Do or Die time. If anybody has come across it, or knows of it's sibling mural (across the street from this one, another hint) feel free to drop that on us too.

Aight let the guesses flood in...

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