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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Photo Wed: 5/6/09 : Big Gulp! 7-Eleven come to Bed-Stuy!

Now this is gentrification I can believe in:

Big Glup! 7-11 in Bed-Stuy! 2

Bedford-Stuyvesant has joined the ranks of communities nation-wide that can take a short drive to a long list of heart stopping guilt snack attacks.

That's right 7-Eleven has heard from friends that it's not so bad in the 'hood and decided to move in. And it's not one of those wack KFC/BaskinRobbins/7-Eleven Combos, naw, 7-11 was all like,"I feel safe on these streets, I don't need no roommates to walk me from the A train".

I don't know how long it's been there, but um loving it.

Matter a fact, I like the idea of being minutes away from slurpies and homies so much, I've decided to create a new feature of this blog, contrasting my previous "When Gentrification Attacks" feature.

Yep, "Gentrification I Can Believe In" will be a feature that shows I'm neither bitter renter or blissful owner(I'm both). As I've posted I likes my Habana Outpost and never-ending bicycle lanes, but I'm not feeling 50 story glass towers in 4 story neighborhoods and gross appropriations of culture or as is said in Flatbush, "Faking Flags".

And so I raise my Big Gulp and $1 Hotdog, to you 7-Eleven and say ”どもありがとう” (domo arigatou) you great big shadow Japanese company that keeps a never closing light on for us all, even in the 'hood.
Big Glup! 7-11 in Bed-Stuy! 3 wide
For those looking for this all hour high-calorie oasis it's on the corner of Brooklyn Av (natch) and Atlantic Ave on the boarder of Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights.


  1. At the other end of the gentrification spectrum but just as weird there's now a 7-Eleven on 5th ave in Park Slope. Kind of far south, like around 15th street. But still. Wonders never cease.

  2. yeh I noticed that one, on the way to Sunset Park found that a surprise as well.


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